Wellness treatments

Wellness treatments

Quality in energizing is the basis of decades’ long spa medicine: and this is what Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness is about. Our wellness treatments serve renewal and energizing, they pamper the body and soul alike.

Special bathing, relaxing massages, warmly cuddling packages and skin regenerating body treatments await our guests at the Medical Wellness. Try one of our unique treatments and top yourself up after the rush of weekdays! For more information about our pampering treatments visit: https://www.bukfurdo.hu/en/spa-treatments

Bükfürdő’s treasure can be taken home as Bük’s medical water is used in preparing the top notch massage cream, and cosmetic beautifiers! https://www.bukfurdo.hu/en/bukfurdo-cosmetics

Acquaint yourself with the range of

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa® Medical Wellness products and allow your body be pampered and your soul invigorated by Bükfürdő!