Medicinal services

The medicinal offer is traditional and varied.

Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa extends several and varied medical services apart from the ones based on traditional medical water, to the guests arriving here. Our rheumatologist specialist helps in customizing and setting up the treatments and packages of cures. Professional health personnel take care of providing high-level health services.

Besides bathing in the pools filled with medicinal water several medical treatments are available at the spa’s Medical Wellness section. In addition to the traditional health services (massage, weight bath, parafango, tangentor, electro therapy, etc.) special osteoporosis treatments are available (e.g. DEXA bone density measurement). Our physiotherapists conduct individual and group physiotherapy. A part of our massages and medicinal packs are administered by massage creams and packs prepared by using Bük’s medicinal water.

Let vacations become a real energy boost: select from our medical cures!

Bük’s water is a real treasure, and in our osteoporosis program we take advantage of all the beneficial effect this exceedingly powerful medical water offers.

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