Relaxation and refreshment for all ages

The Bükfürdő Thermal & Spa is located in a 14-hectare park covered with shady trees, and it is directly accessible from the campsite.

The spa offers 34 different indoor, semi-indoor and outdoor pools. In addition to the medicinal water pools filled with excellent medicinal water, you can also find experience and children's pools and pools suitable for sports.

The medicinal water with an extremely high mineral content of more than 15,000 mg/l has a uniquely beneficial effect on the body. Sodium chloride has an anti-inflammatory effect, calcium and fluorine play an important role in bone metabolism, magnesium has a positive effect on muscle function, and carbon dioxide improves circulation. Our spa pools have a temperature of 35-37 degrees and are excellent for regeneration, prevention and healing.

The indoor adventure pool is extremely popular among families with children and young people. The water jets of the adventure pool, the drift-water corridor, a neck shower and other elements of experience offer unforgettable relaxation. The Shark Cave awaits the little ones; the giant slides that start from the building and snake around in the outside then return for a long period of time are favoured by young people.

The open-air slide complex offers unforgettable experiences for young and old, and a water playground awaits the youngest spa guests. Those looking for active recreation will find it in the beach volleyball, foot tennis, beach soccer and beach handball courts. In addition to bathing and sliding, there is a children's activity centre equipped with colourful toys in the indoor area to keep the little ones entertained.

For adults who want to relax, there is a hammock park on the beach area, and spacious relaxation areas and comfortable beds beside the indoor pools.

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